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Do opposites attract? Check out this trailer for the upcoming Cruise and Diaz movie “Knight and Day”.

What an interesting pair up of characters. Cameron Diaz plays a lady suddenly caught in extremely dangerous situations ever since bumping into the character played by Tom Cruise. By just watching the trailer, I can tell that this movie will rely on the two aspects that most movies have: main story and romantic character development. This is interesting because you can see the DeFleur et al framework of three taking place. The “Engagement” aspect where Diaz bumps into Cruise and finds him attractive, to the “Management” aspect that I foresee will be shown throughout the movie. Whether there is “Disengagement” or not, we shall see when it shows in cinemas.

We can also look at it from the “Relational Formation” and “Development” point of view and notice how the five aspects can be applicable in this movie. Firstly, as mentioned was the “general appearance, how Diaz had a good impression when she first met Cruise.
Now, the interesting part of this movie is that they emphasized on the “Dissimilarity” aspect. The two characters in this movie are totally different. What type of relationship are they having? The trailer hinted that he chose not to kill her but keeps us in suspense because the viewers do not know why he did so. A harmless lady paired with a lethal agent on the run. This combination adds to the humour of the movie to watch how these two opposites “attract”! From the trailer we can see that a relationship is forming between them, which I also feel is due to the high proximity of the two characters, with Cruise constantly meeting up with her amidst the danger.

Now, the interesting thought is how their relationship once established in the movie meet with the aspects of “maintenance”. How much will Cruise disclose about himself? How do they resolve their conflicts of their different lifestyle and perceptions? Will it be resolved in a functional or dysfunctional way? I’m very curious to see how their relationship develops in the movie!

When we think of relationships, we tend to see:


Or This!

But did you have this in mind?


Check this out:

Strange huh! Imagine being married to a game. How would the “Formation” and “Maintenance” processes of a relationship then apply?

Now I feel that if the formation aspects were applied it would definitely be one sided. The Japanese man is the relationship starter and the virtual character in the game fulfils his aspects of, for example, general appearance and similarity.
The maintenance aspect is also hard to imagine. How is the virtual character going have disclosure in the relationship? How is conflict of different perceptions going to take place? The form of communication that takes place is programmed into the game. Stripped of the interface, the Japanese man is actually having a relationship with the Artificial Intelligence of the program!

But since there is no feedback of the Japanese guy from the virtual character, is it considered a relationship?

I guess we must look at “relationship” in a different context. What we have been focusing on in COMS101 is inter-person relationship. I would perceive this situation of what the guy feels the “relationship” of the virtual character is to him. The guy may perceive it as a relationship, when in fact the game has no say (or can’t, say)!

But imagine this, if a scientist were to create a robot to mimic himself in exactly every way that he communicates, e.g. verbal and non-verbal characteristics, and plant it with the culture and perception of the creator in the A.I to react like how the creator would react to situations, is it a valid form of relationship if this Japanese person marries this robot?

The robot, is going to be something like this:

Wanna kiss?

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5 responses to this post.

  1. I think it is utterly and breath-taking (literally) strange how people can form a real relationship with a virtual character. Fanaticism and obsession is one thing; but to marry it and stay committed for the rest of one’s live is just pure insanity. Then again, insanity is a perspective, and who am I to judge?


  2. Absolutely interesting and outrageous (in a good way) post. We can never unestimate the ability of the Japanese to create such games which appeals to those who are game-addicts. Love transcends all boundaries whether real or virtual, indeed. It really is strange to know that there are people who would rather get married virtually than in the real world. I guess we will never know how satisfied these gamers are with their life.


    • Hi Lynette,

      Thank you for your feedback too! I was once hooked on to the World of Warcraft, playing it all day and night. It really felt like an addiction, thinking about playing it whenever I wasn’t! Maybe the feeling is similar?


  3. Posted by Caitlin on July 18, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    frankly speaking i do not see how a human can even relate to a virtual character, much less form relationships with them. but then again, different people have different views right


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