Hairy Crab, anyone?

Good day everyone! First, a video!

Did you feel a sudden rush of familiarisation for what MysteryGuitarMan was playing? The mixture of initial “music” he was playing just felt wrong to me, like off beat random notes and rhythm put together. As with tendencies in perception , I guess I judged too quickly on what he was playing, rather than what he was doing: recording and playing a song backwards!

Ok, now that that’s done, I would like to show you a picture:


Yes! Women with armpit hair!

Personally it REALLY turns me off! Looking at this perception of mine, I think of the influences that have caused me to feel this way. Of the 5 factors, I’m thinking that mass media, my social network and environment had an important part to play to making me feel so disgusted by that picture! Since young, television had been showing me this:

My girl friends too have either shaven or waxed armpits. A normal day on the MRT or the bus would not get me face to face with a lady’s hairy armpit too.

The interesting thing is that I think this has been organised into my prototype of what a woman’s armpit would look like. It’s quite sad actually, cause isn’t the process of having hair there natural? I mean, then why is it normal for men to be seen with armpit hair then?

In Singapore, it’s normal for men to sport armpit hair but not for women (right?!) Just to play safe and check that it has become a social norm, I went to google for Singapore based forums online about views on women with armpit hair:

You can view the site here.

Judging from the posts, I would say that my perception about this issue in Singapore is considered normal, hence my influence of selection due to the environment around me.

Now however, I heard that if we went to France, the women there apparently are accustomed to not shaving their armpits at all! Anyone care to enlighten?

This armpit issue calls for much debate:

It’s a natural process

Why is it acceptable for men here to have armpit hair and not for women?

Is it even normal for men to have armpit hair present? ( I know of guys who have hair and guys who do not. Girls none so far.)

I call for a poll!

I have been shocked before on the MRT seeing long strands of hair sticking out from a lady in front of me. It wasn’t because of the hair, it was because there WAS hair! I have been disgusted by another man’s armpit hair too but it was because of the hair! There is a difference!

Writing this post forced my gag reflex to go off a few times. It really is interesting to see how I feel disgusted by the mental image of a lady’s armpit hair to that extent.

This is the power of perception, which is the purpose of my post. How we form a perception about something as trival as armpit hair reflects on how we take in and select, organise and interpret our suroundings. This can be said of many of our views, from the silly to the most important, which also varies our taste from person to person. The difference in perception can also be the cause of conflict. However, expansion of new ideas and views should always be welcomed, but not necessarily agreed on. What is the perception of our leaders in the government? Do we have the same perspective for most issues? If not, why and how will we deal with it? Will it be possible for the World to have common perception if only one standing culture exists?

Anyway, if Singapore passed a law that none shall shave, my persistence of first impression will cause my supreme discomfort in trying to shake of the perception I already have.I am very interested to hear and compare what a girl and a guy feels about armpit hair of both sexes, and why. Girls, why do you shave?

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6 responses to this post.

  1. HAHAHAH. i think this entry is funny. and well, i think both men and women should shave their armpit. and i can’t believe they’ve a whole forum just talking about women AND their armpit hair.


    • Thanks for the comment Qazim. Yes, interesting isn’t it that we have forums about almost everything today? At least its a good place ot share our views to the World. However, even in forums, we have to watch what we say!


  2. I think that the main reason why we think that women must shave their armpits is due to the social construct. The media has portrayed celebrities in such a fashion and most women follow suit because of vanity as well.

    With the rise of metrosexuals, many men are now more particular with personal grooming as compared to ten years ago. If the media was to portray men with armpit hair in an undesirable manner, I am certain that most young men would shave their armpit hair as well. This is probably just a matter of time before most men catch on to the idea of shaving their armpits.


    • Good insight Robin, I agree with you that if the media really did emphasize on men with clean shaven armpits, you and i both will be next in line!


  3. hahahhahahaha VERY AMUSING. and gross.

    Armpit hair, of all things. I shall gross everyone out and tell them that my math teacher in lower sec had long armpit hair and she almost always wore sleeveless stuff and since she was short, she had to raise her arms to write on the board. But it’s somewhat okay, since it was all-girls 🙂

    Women are supposed to be feminine and oh-so-perfect in terms of physical appearence, whereas men are supposed to be rough and tough. In order to maintain that perfect appearence, women go through all sorta stuff from manicures to uhh, brazilian waxes? It’s just what has been passed down, and I guess media and the environment has a part to play in it. If (supposedly) perfect Singaporean women were to go to France and see their own species walking around with hairy armpits, then they might follow suit since it’s considered okay to do so in that society. But it’s only a MIGHT.


    • Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment! Yes it is also interesting that you mentioned that women are “supposed to be feminie” and men “rough and tough”. This can also be applied by the Socialization into Gender we learnt in SOC101. Because of the difference in sexes and the different anatomies of the male and female, the families ,mass media and peers have made us feel that way. I wonder what it would be like if it was opposite from the start? Or would it be possible even due to our genes? e.g Male vs female hormones?

      Thanks for the insight Sarah. See ya!


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