Super Sexy First Post!

I didn’t plan to do this today, but I just couldn’t resist it. The messages the advert was trying to tell me was overwhelming and I feared that I would lose the enthusiasm tomorrow. Firstly, I would like to say that I “REALLY STUMBLED” across this advertisement while browsing for something to write about (Film & Animation on Youtube). In other words, I’m not that kind of guy!

Well, enough talk, here’s the advertisement:

Wasn’t that a cheeky one! Now, scantily clad women in suggestive lesbian poses teaching you how to do CPR. That’s something you don’t see everyday! The purpose of the advertisement is to sell “Fortnight lingerie”, with the educational theme as a front.

The title of the advertisement alone: “Super Sexy CPR”, along with the brand name “Fortnight lingerie”, caught my attention and is the appeal to reason (logos). If I wanted to get lingerie, (for someone, of course) I would definitely want it to be “Super Sexy”.

 It appeals to my emotion (pathos), the feeling of lust that the models keep evoking, with the sexually suggestive positions and movements (0.54min). This advert really got and kept my attention (not for the CPR though). Humor was brought out from the serious tone of the commentator and his instructions, coupled for example with the “shaking” while checking for consciousness. (0.13min)

The advert looks chic and modern with its HD quality. Camera angles well shot, a nice soundtrack to match the movement and beautiful models that looked great in the lingerie. The ethos persuasion did work on me as I already have the impression that “Fortnight lingerie” looks good on women and should be of quality, due to the quality of its advertisement.

 I guess looking at the perspectives of communication, the creators of this advertisement really looked at the social constructionist perspective and showcased what society would perceive as sexy (attractive girls in lingerie) and funny (demonstrating CPR with lesbian tendencies). From the advertisement to me, the message kicked in because I would not have found it sexy and funny if not for the uncanny match up of CPR and sex and the “suggestive” poses (shaking at 0.14). I would say that they hit the spot (no pun intended) and attuned their message to how the general public understands humor and sex. If I didn’t find it visually appealing and did not understand the hidden messages of sex in the CPR process, the communication of the advertisement to me would have failed.

Now it is quite obvious that the advertisement shows how sex sells, with 200,000+ views in about 10 days.

This is their website:


Sex sells, but how much is too much? What are they portraying these women as? Brands like Victoria’s Secret have very attractive models that make the lingerie very appealing for buyers but I don’t think they have gone to the extent of girls in “sexual positions and movement” like in the advertisement above.

The advertisement certainly appeals to me and I would definitely take a look at their catalog if buying lingerie for someone. I wonder if men are the target for this particular advertisement because of the appeal to attractive looking lesbians. They could be targeting attractive looking lesbians, as well. Tomorrow I may share it with my other male friends for the wrong reasons but as long as they get the brand awareness right? In my opinion I don’t think this advertisement has gone overboard, it’s on the line of cheeky. There’s no nudity, and although it screams “SEX!” there’s none, actually. Definitely adult oriented, it is not something you will see on channel 5 for commercials while watching “Growing up” with your parents.

The interesting thing is, I did learn more about CPR after watching the video (not the first watch though)! My hat goes off to them for taking something as serious as life saving and adding such an interesting twist to it, making it refreshing all over again.

Discovering the advertisement did communicate with me about the product, through humor and sex. There’s even a “call-to-action” with a link at the end of the advertisement. Now, I am very interested to know how a female would react to this video (guys, ya’ll are welcome to share your views too!). It would be good to have some comments about how you felt watching the video and about the product.


Have a great weekend!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nakedscreams on May 29, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    I am sure you “stumbled” upon this, ya? ;p
    Well personally, I’m a firm believer of sex-selling. Come think of it, I even wrote a research paper on it once. Ahh, I miss those days when I researched for the paper. However, the main word in sex selling is not Sex, but Sells! Simply put, it means, “I’m doing whatever it takes to up my sales, who cares what you think.”


    • Hi Crystal! thanks for checking the blog out and leaving a comment!
      It’s always nice to see that a girl is a firm believer of sex selling! haha it shows how much times have changed. Ah hah! Sex selling could also be super hot bod men right!? so, Crystal, how far would you bring your advert to if you made one (of super hot men)? (I think i read somewhere that there was a porn vid which you could select the items on them, bringing up the link for the sales of the merchandise!)


  2. My first reaction was to laugh, my second was a spontaneous thought spelling ‘This advertisement’s good!’. On a surface level, indeed it was witty, humorous, attention-grabbing as well as informative. And as urban citizens (ie. Multi-taskers) living in the 21st century, this advertisment can be deemed successful as it engages the audience whilst educating all of us on the right method of performing CPR (How many of us actually do know how to?) In this I agree with the writer, as the it highlights the theme of ‘sex’. The producers have made an unbelievably intelligent move of interlinking the following ideas: “Selling lingerie”, “Super Sexy”, “Swimsuits” and finally, “CPR”.

    Flip it’s side, however, we see that this advertisment may actually be demeaning to people with less opened a mind. Incontrovertibly, some cultures/races/religions still have their people grounded with the mindset of “conservative is better”. Consequently, the advertisment which quite certainly deemed as hilarious, engaging, witty and what-not to us modern souls dwelling in urban cities (and in that, being exposed to globalization, westernization, Americanization…) may be considered offensive in others.

    I say this having the perspective of a social constructionist. More often that not, in globalized nations, communication creates individuals. This is where our once-conservative minds become open. It is all through the art of influence, simple because, communication creates individuals. Overtly, in least developed and perhaps, developing countries, individuals create communication (Psychological perspective) and therefore, being more strict and determined in their beliefs. Yet, despite all these factors, another reason why this advertisement is successful is because people in LDCs or developing countries may not appreciate so much the beauty of female lingerie! There are disparities between our cultures, so as potential students who may advance into the advertising line, the question we should pose is: “Who is your audience?”

    With all said, I would still appraise this commercial as intelligently titillating. And I’ll reiterate, just to create a stronger impression. Titillating.



    • Hi Julia, nice having you leave a comment! thanks!
      Yes, I agree with you that the target audience is very important. The cultures that are more conservative may view this ad as offensive, maybe not so much as for the girls in lingerie, but for the sexual positions and girl-on-girl kissing etc. in an advertisement. This ad may be offensive even to some “modernized people”. What do you think? Now you made me think about the many ways to market lingerie! haha I guess lingerie has been around for a long long time right? I wonder what the first lingerie advertisement looked like. Anyone care to share?

      Anyway thanks Julia for giving your insight to the matter. The fact that you enjoyed the video made me feel less of a pervert. Haha see you soon!


  3. Posted by Mary on May 31, 2010 at 2:32 am

    Just a technicality:

    Yes, pathos is generally defined as an appeal to emotion. More specifically, it is an appeal to an audience’s sympathy, usually by invoking empathy.

    When the advertisement invokes lust in you, that cannot possibly be called “pathos” by definition. The root word in Greek means “suffering”.


    • Hi Mary,
      Thank you for taking your time to check out the blog and leave a comment!

      Yes, I do agree with you that Pathos is the appeal to audience’s emotion, usually by invoking empathy. I think the key is also to be able to identify with the author, feeling the same emotions as him/her or an emotion he/she wants you to feel.

      I guess this emotion of lust that I mentioned about derives from an emotional aspect other than empathy but is the imaginative aspect that the creator of the advertisement is trying to get me to feel. To be able to watch this advertisement, react emotionally and be “moved” as I stated in the entry, I think is the point I want to bring across.

      Your highlight of Pathos definitely got me thinking and made my understanding of this term more enriching. Also, the term “lust” could be misinterpreted as an instinct. Maybe if I used the term “sexual desire”?

      Mary, also of the Logos, Pathos and Ethos elements found in advertisements as the communication of persuasion to others, how do you think this advertisement communicates Pathos to you? It would be interesting to hear your views.

      Once again, Mary, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It really got me thinking!


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